Refresh My Mailbox!



Your mailbox is the first part of
your home that people see.
We make it stand out.

Between the scorching Florida sun, sprinkler systems, birds and bugs, mailboxes take a beating. Fortunately we can make your mailbox look brand new. Many of your already have done just that. See the above example from some of our work in Del Webb Ponte Vedra, where we've refreshed about 200 mailboxes in the past year. 



I look forward to helping you enhance your curb appeal!

 — Jerrod Richard
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Outdoor Carriage Lamp Replacements

We will refresh your outdoor carriage lamps, since they often look as worn as your mailbox. Repainting isn't practical — but we can install new replacement lamps for you. 

Del Webb Nocatee:
The cost is $50 per lamp to install the new lights. We'll provide the lights at a cost of $110, which includes sales tax. Interested in smart, color-changing lights for your lamps? We can handle that as well!

House Numbers

House Numbers: We will paint the house number frame and clean the tiles for $50.

Smart Doorbell Installation

Smart Doorbells: We will install a smart doorbell of your choice for $60.
For an additional $25, we'll install the application on your smartphone and set it up to work for you.
Smart doorbells are a great way to keep an eye on your house when you're home or away.

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